Schengen Visa Information
for Thai Nationals

Schengen States:



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Thai citizens seeking to travel to any of the 26 Schengen Area countries are required to obtain a valid visa in order to gain entrance. Once issued a valid Schengen visa, Thai Nationals can enjoy the freedom of movement to travel around to any of the following 26 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

One common confusion that most applicants have and always ask is "Am I allowed to travel to the United Kingdom if I am in possession of a valid Schengen visa?" and vice-versa "Am I allowed to travel to the Schengen Area if I am in possession of a valid UK visa?" The answer to both these questions is No. You must apply for a visa separately for the United Kingdom and a visa separately for the Schengen Area. Even though the United Kingdom is part of the European Union, it maintains opt-outs of the Schengen Agreement.

Before applying, make sure to check to see if you qualify for that specific visa. Depending on the purpose of your trip (Holiday, vacation, sightseeing, group visit, tourism, private family or friend visit, education, business) there are different requirements you will need to meet and demonstrate.

Visa Type:
  • Schengen Short-Term Visa (C-Type) for a period up to 90 days 
  • Schengen Long-Term National Visa (D-Type) for a period longer than 90 days  

Schengen Visa Basic Requirements:
  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Previous Schengen visa issued and past travel history (if applicable)
  • Most recent passport size photos (2)
  • Completed visa application form and fee
  • Purpose of your trip
  • Duration of your stay
  • Proof of accommodation during your entire visit
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to support your entire trip
  • Evidence of compelling social and economic ties to demonstrate your return home at the end of your visit
  • Travel insurance covering a minimum of €30,000.00
***Additional documents may be required depending on the purpose of your trip

Where to apply:

Depending on the specific visa type and Schengen State, you will either apply directly at the embassy or will be required to visit an accredited visa application center in your country of residence. 

Visa Application fee:
  • €60 per applicant
  • Free for children under 6 years old
  • €35 for each children between 6-11 years old
***All application fees are non-refundable

Visa processing time:

The visa processing time varies depending on the Schengen State you are applying a visa for and the volume of applications the embassy has at the time you submit. The average processing time is normally between 3-15 business days. 

An interview may be required depending on the Schengen State you are applying a visa for and varies case by case.

Visa Decision:
Your visa decision is solely based on the discretion of the Immigration Officer reviewing your visa application package.

Schengen Visa Application Process
for Applicant in Thailand (Step by Step):

Step 1

Decide on the type of visa you would like to apply for.

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Step 2


Step 3

Collect all the required documents for the visa application.

Step 4

Complete the visa application and then schedule an appointment to launch your application package.

Step 5

Show up to your appointment to submit  your application and all supporting documents.

Step 6

Wait for the embassy to process your application and make a decision on your visa.

Need some 


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